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Thursday, 1 February 2018


"BLUE MOON You saw me standing alone Without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own.." 

Last night January 31st 2018 was the second full month in that calendar month according to moon scientists technically that makes it a super blue blood moon.

 In commemoration I snapped a photo of the glorious lunar phenomenon the blue moon from my bedroom window. 

Originally by Sam Cooke, Blue Moon by Bobby Vinton was also the slow and soothing song you hear during the opening credits of American Werewolf in London and so why not make this the excuse to post up another American werwolf drawing.  

"Beware the moon"

After arriving at the convention , despite having paid the early doors premium I ended up queuing for nearly an hour mainly because I was so enthusiastic I turned up so early,  inside the venue I eventually made my way round to the very very busy signing area, in hindsight I should have headed here promptly, as it was extremely popular. First there was large central holding pen to hold the masses which meant waiting again for close to an hour before you could join the lengthy queue at the appropriate desk of your chosen celebrity, where you faced yet more queuing, it was slow moving I later discovered the reason.
 Eventually I got to meet David Naughton  - it has to be said he is an incredibly nice person, he didn't rush seemed genuinely interested and engaged in the conversation and as great as this was it was also the reason behind the treacle speed fan queue that I had been trapped in. After a bit of very nice banter with David, I thanked him and of I went to purchase some Game of Throne coasters, heroes  I took out my cash to pay I had the sudden realization that in being so engrossed in chatting I hadn't paid David for his autograph!  Feeling guilty I turned back to go hand over the money but found the area was still thronged with so many many people waiting and there was just no way I was could go through all that again!

 I feel bad about being a non payer and fearful like to daydream that on a night of a full one when I'm sat watching the Muppet Show he's gonna would turn up on my doorstep for payment in full.

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Cartoony funny time, one of my favourite of the wall loony horror film, Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator drawn here with some added cat poop.

It looks like a 2b but that's a HB Lovecraft pencil.  

Monday, 6 November 2017


More moleskin sketchbook pages, this time of the creepy creepy ghost that Patrick encounters on the sub way, wonderfully played by Vincent Schiavelli , there's a scene in the movie where he breaks open a cigarette machine desperate to have another smoke, in real life he passed away at 57 of lung cancer.

Okay not really much else to see or for me to add so here's a random film based fact: in Ghost the sound of actual babies crying was played in reverse to make that weird sound of the dark shadows that appear to drag the dead evil doers soul away.

If you upset a ghost on an outward part of a return train journey you know it'll come back and haunt you.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Human Centipede tricycle

A quick drawing showing the absolute ideal escape idea for this trio,  I figured a regular vehicle would be most difficult as their predicament impedes their ability to sit or drive, as for  a train well that just looks like one party is mocking the other.

two thirds of the movie is totally tongue in cheek

Friday, 13 October 2017

Thank G its Friday Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah

For todays sketch I offer up this quickly drawn Friday 13 homage.
Funnily enough if you watch any of the Friday the thirteen movies in reverse Jason is actually reviving dead people with his magic machetes.
Jason on a hot date... (date is Friday 13th)


A big hearty hi to everyone who's visiting via Twitter.
I decided this year to partake in the Drawlloween challenge (where you challenge oneself to ink a drawing a day) I was pleased to find I had this image below retweeted and it lead numerous people to this blogger site and so I decided why not also post it here. For Inktober type challenges you simply have to draw in ink using the prompts , on this day it was the title"reel monsters" to work from, and I suppose the inspiration came about having just watched the excellent boxing movie Southpaw s
leading me to create this fictional monster bout.

Today is actually Friday the 13 and that neatly also forms part of the challenge, so this morning I got up and started speedily inking up a Jason image and will hopeful have that done later today post and be posted that here too.

BOOF! RUMBLE in the BRONX!  Fight promoted by Don KING ( note no relation to Kong or Stephen )